Hi, I'm Tom Stuart! I've grown a double life!

Web Developer & Product Builder

I don't keep this a secret! I love working with my dual background and other diverse people to write user centered software


Hi, I'm Tom Stuart! A web developer and product manager from the UK looking to build things now I'm in Toronto!

My customer centred approach has come from four years working in product at both Samsung and the startup incubator InMotion Ventures. Now as a developer coming out of the amazing Juno College (HackerYou), I write my code with users put first! If you feel the same let's grab a coffee! I'm especially down to chat about anything Eco, Blockchain, EdTech and AI!


illustration of myself but focused on coding and web development
alternative illustration of myself but focused on product and the customer

See Dev Skills

or Product Skills

Front-end Programming (Javascript, React, J-Query)

Front-end Foundation (HTML5, CSS, SASS, Accessibility)

Back-end (Node.js, Express.js, SQL, Firebase, Jest)

UX Design, Customer Insight and Data

Agile & Lean Methodologies (via Jira Stack)

UI Design (photoshop, illustrator)


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